Contribute an Item (anonymously)

Do you have one or only a few Items that you would like to contribute?  You can do so with this form. If you plan to contribute a full Collection or a large number of Items, please contact us to find an easier solution for you.

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Please note: we will also check whether anonymization of the contribution is advisable. If necessary, we will alter your contribution to make it anonymous before publishing.

How to anonymize contributions?  

It might be necessary to anonymize your contribution to ensure the privacy and protection of sources and other people, especially in interviews or other ethnographic material. In such cases, here are some tips:

Do not include any personal information (name, pseudonym, phone number, email address, date of birth, etc.).

Why not use a false name created just for this contribution?

Instead of specifics (place of work, family members, medical conditions, etc.), keep descriptions vague and use general terms.

Instead of addresses, talk about neighborhoods and cities. Make sure no one is identifiable in the photos – this can boost your creativity!

Voices and faces are also considered personal data.